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Letters To Santa: The 24 Hour Comedy and Music Marathon --->>> CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Even families who have survived a lifetime of poverty dream of an extraordinary future for their children


Giving money directly to families since 1995, no strings attached

Recognizing the role inequity plays in determining the course of someone's life is the first step in minimizing its power.
Taking action is step two.

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We offer the shortest path for your donation

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Covering the essentials is at the      of our programs

  • It is our goal to give every child a computer and the school supplies needed to get an equitable education.

  • We offer confidence camps for children and workshops for adults.  We know that these tools can combat the emotional trauma caused by poverty.

  • We provide food and personal care products to food pantries and women's shelters.

  • Choosing which essential needs receive attention first is a decision that only a family can make for themselves.  This is one reason why we give families unrestricted money and the dignity to make that choice for themselves.

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