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Poverty Alleviation Chicago (DBA Poverty Alleviation Charities) is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity  |  EIN: 83-2013132

The cure for poverty is
wrapped in money

Chicago • Oakland

23 Years Of Unconditional Giving


Each of our four unique programs aims to alleviate the physical & emotional suffering that families endure as a result of the inequities that accompany poverty.  


Surprising families on Christmas Morning with dozens of gifts, including basic household necessities, groceries, new clothes, toys, a computer for every child and an

Unconditional Gift of $10,000 

Offering free 8-week Confidence Building Camps for children affected by poverty.  Our trauma-informed curriculum was developed to address suffering through the use of improvisation, method acting and meditation

Creating and distributing media content that advocates for those silently suffering poverty by raising awareness about #WhatPovertyReallyLooksLike and #WhyUnconditionalGivingWorks

Leveraging 20+ years of fundraising and program experience  to assist like-minded volunteer organizations by sharing our contacts, resources and unique experience.  

100% of your donation goes to programming

That's a fact.   Your donation will be used to change the trajectory of the life of a family who will not see it coming.

This is how it works:

Our small group of Primary Benefactors cover our operating expenses.  Not only annually, but indefinitely.  These sustaining donors understand that a shorter path is a more effective way to maximize the benefit of charitable giving

PAC Benefactos make an extraordinary commitment to our Mission:

They Participate in programming production.

The Share much of the heavy lifting that is required in Development, often by hosting private fundraising events.

The Give Unconditionally, annually, indefinitely.

The Second City That Never Sleeps Presents:


November 25 - 26 • 5pm - 5pm

One Is Silver And The Other Gold