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That's how H.A.W.K. described Screwed Up Click in Throwed In Da Game. S.U.C. is a Houston-based Hip-Hop collective featuring more than 2 dozen artists and George Floyd (aka Big Floyd) was one of them. Big Floyd’s freestyle verses were Chopped and Screwed by DJ Screw.  This avant-garde mixing process was developed in the early 90’s.  It not only shaped Houston’s emerging Hip-Hop scene but also made a lasting impact on fans like me. The Process matters. Process provides context. Context provides understanding. Understanding defeats ignorance. We are seeing the process of change happen before our eyes in real time. Boot up. The time is finally here.

"Something like Wu-Tang with a southern slang"


White supremacy has dictated privilege and power in this country for 401 years.  This has rarely been acknowledged by those who continue to benefit from it. Systemic racism is a consequence of America's origin story. Policing in America began with slave patrolling.  This cannot be ignored.  In the wake of another video depicting another murder of another black person perpetrated by another police officer it is time to reexamine this institution.  The murder of George Floyd at the hands of police has many white Americans questioning how they should proceed.  

  • Know your history. Be informed. Don’t ask a person of color to do the work for you. They owe you nothing.

  • It is imperative that you listen because your perspective provides you no useful information.

  • You can start fighting inequity today by giving your time to the cause and your money to those whose backs bear your footprints.


America's racist roots run deep and give context to a multitude of historical, legal and socioeconomic conditions. Recognizing the role inequity plays in determining the course of someone's life is the first step in minimizing its power. Taking action is step two.


Heather Whinna

Poverty Alleviation Charities


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