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Our Mission

Poverty Alleviation Charities is a nonprofit organization on a mission to use Art as a conduit to transform passive compassion into immediate assistance through the distribution of money given, without expectation or judgment, directly to families suffering poverty.

Our vision is twofold:  to provide four unique programs which alleviate the physical and emotional suffering that families endure as a result of the inequities that accompany poverty and to assist impoverished families in directly combating poverty with the only known remedy:  money. 


Before we arrived at Christopher's home, all he had gotten from Santa was a promise note to bring him something later

2016 LTS FULL_1435_LFS2015_.JPG

Jeff Tweedy performing at 24 Hour, our annual fundraiser at The Second City, 2016


Christmas Day delivery crew 2018 about to surprise 15 families with toys, clothing, computers and $10,000

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