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We are excited to lead your child through this innovative curriculum, knowing that 


is a job meant for more than one

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  • 8 week Program

  • Age groups 5-9 and 10-12

  • Led by an expert improviser

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker available for participants

Our curriculum reimagines traditional Theater/Improv games to accomplish the goal of teaching children confidence through experience.

Sceneworks does not teach improv.  Instead we have adapted games for the purpose of challenging children to learn to trust the process.  This experience allows kids to develop coping skills in a safe environment.

With a focus on eliminating inherent biases that exist in group exercises, Sceneworks encourages children to trust their instincts and recognize that success is not an individual accomplishment.

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Teaching confidence using the arts of improvisation, method acting and meditation

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(Child) is able to communicate effectively with everyone in our classroom.  In the beginning she only communicated with the teacher and a few other children in depth

(Child) always had strong communication skills with everyone.  Since Sceneworks, (child) is seen meditating in the classroom to calm himself down when he's gotten upset and when he has felt a need to calm down due to hyperactivity

(Child) is becoming more self-assured and able to say 'no' when other children try to take advantage of her passiveness

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We launched Sceneworks in May 2019 with an inaugural class of 20 children served by Onward Neighborhood House, a 501(c)(3) organization that uplifts Chicago communities through educational, economic and support services.

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