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Creating media content that advocates for those silently suffering poverty

Funny people  & extraordinary musicians challenge tradition by creating an Awareness Program that uses Improvisation and Satire to explicate #WhatPovertyReallyLooksLike and #WhyUnconditionalGivingWorks.


Please check out our short teaser video:

Speaking Stupid To Counterfactual Idiocracy

or Funny People, Dumb Bits

Director - Emily Candini; Assistant Director - Sam Brown; Producer/Co-Director of Photography - Ryan Ferguso; Co-Director of Photography - Andrew Morgan; Producer/Audio - Nicholas Dummerdor; Editor - Ryan Ferguson; Music - bobby n holly; Cast - Alexander Burk, Andel Sudik, Brad Morris, Caitlin Linden, Jennifer Candy, Jon Hartman, Shantira Jackson, Steve Albini, Susan Messing; Production Assistants - Ellie Bakkedahl, Patrick Connelly, Bobby Lewis, Renee Nelsen, Sam Nelsen, Frank Weschler

Program Partner

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Flyback Productions

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