Unconditional Giving Television

Step The Fuck Up


Director - Emily Candini; Producer/Director of Photography - Ryan Ferguson; Editor - Myles Shapiro; Cast - Steve Albini,  Jeff Garlin, Poochie Jackson, Jeff Tweedy

Please check out our short teaser video:

Speaking Stupid To Counterfactual Idiocracy

or Funny People, Dumb Bits

Director - Emily Candini; Assistant Director - Sam Brown; Producer/Co-Director of Photography - Ryan Ferguso; Co-Director of Photography - Andrew Morgan; Producer/Audio - Nicholas Dummerdor; Editor - Ryan Ferguson; Music - bobby n holly; Cast - Alexander Burk, Andel Sudik, Brad Morris, Caitlin Linden, Jennifer Candy, Jon Hartman, Shantira Jackson, Steve Albini, Susan Messing; Production Assistants - Ellie Bakkedahl, Patrick Connelly, Bobby Lewis, Renee Nelsen, Sam Nelsen, Frank Weschler

Digital content including funny bits, PSA's, musical performances, 24 Hour archival material and other recorded content made by performers that support our mission

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Poverty Alleviation Chicago (DBA Poverty Alleviation Charities) is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity  |  EIN: 83-2013132